Peyton McLeod


I’m an editor & post-production producer with 10 years of professional experience in video post-production. I currently work as a Post Production Producer & Editor at Rooster Teeth Productions, where I manage the post-production timeline of 20+ hours of content per week and have worked with high profile partners such as Warner Brothers, HBO Max, All Elite Wrestling & more. In addition to management, I am actively editing myself as well - I specialize in post production for long-form, in-studio multicam shoots that range in anything from game shows to video podcasts to gameplay videos, but also have experience cutting narrative audio podcasts, documentary-style content, trailers/sizzles & videos for social media.
Below you’ll find a selection of projects I’ve worked on recently that showcase my talents.


TNGF Player Profile: Sy

A short documentary-style player profile for Rooster Teeth’s gaming competition reality show, Tuesday Night Game Fight.

Role: Editor

Multicam & Podcast Post Reel

A quick reel of the various in-studio multicam productions I’ve edited at Rooster Teeth. Many of these productions had a very short window from production to air, often no more than one or two days, forcing me to learn how to work quickly in order to achieve release deadlines.

Role: Editor

Castlevania Mock Trailer

Personal side project. I used footage from Netflix’s Castlevania series to edit a trailer in the style of 2000s-era Toonami bumpers.

Role: Editor

RT Life: Ice Cream Date

Rooster Teeth’s weekly vlog/documentary series chronicling the lives of the cast behind the scenes. In this episode Gus takes his coworker Chris to a Mexican Ice Cream shop. I wanted this to have a very casual, mellow feel like a lunch date with a friend on a lazy Sunday.

Role: Editor

RT Podcast TikTok Clip

A TikTok cutdown of a conversation from a recent episode of the RT Podcast. Each week along with the podcast edit we deliver a cutdown of a notable moment or conversation to share on social media. This particular moment was roughly 10 minutes of conversation condensed down into less than 60 seconds.

Role: Editor

Five Nights Takeover Trailer

Trailer for Rooster Teeth’s Five Nights at Freddy’s Takeover Week Let’s Play series. Highlighted exciting and frantic moments from the playthrough.

Role: Editor

Gallos Unidos Sizzle

Short sizzle for social media meant to promote Rooster Teeth’s 2021 Hispanic Heritage Merch line.

Role: Editor

Monsters & Microphones

Personal side project. An RPG Actual Play podcast using the “Monster of the Week” system. I made frequent use of sound effects and music cues to immerse the listener in the story. This is the first two minutes of an episode, showcasing the “Previously On” recaps I would cut each week.

Role: Host, Writer, Producer, Editor